Dateline Unclaimed Property

Well Dateline is becoming quite the television show to watch. I really enjoy their series on how to catch a predator and now they are showing you how to grab unclaimed money which may be waiting for you. it seems many states have billions of funds just waiting to be claimed by its rightful owner. All you need to do is to claim it.

With the high cost of gas and the potential failure of the troubled banks on the FDIC troubled banks list it would be nice to get a hold of some cash that I did not know I had. Well seems like I’m out of luck as a search of the state registries for the States I’ve liven in produced no results for my name or my wife’s. So I guess I’m won’t be benefiting from the dateline story on unclaimed property.

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  1. Patricia Douglas says

    My Husband and I, watched your show last night. I do have company stock out there. (Hi-Shear Inc. of Torrance Ca. We could never track it down. Is there any other way to find out, other than paying these (people ! ), that we don’t know our hard earned money? You were holding a booklet in your hands. Hoe do we obtain one? Thank you, Sincerly, Mrs. Patricia Douglas

  2. Walter Kasman says

    You should have broadcast the fees for the search as well as the process of filing with a state

  3. jeri pederson-latch-fjelstad says

    I would like more info on how I can find if I have money out there and also for my sister. linda pederson-sura-emerson- williams-emerson. I’ve checked with the web site unclaimed cash. They say we have money out there. But they want a fee and a credit card of which we don’t have. So if you can send me in the right direction, that would be great.

  4. says

    I hear about this on msnbc, but I do not use my credit cards online.Is there any
    other way to check out if there is unclaimed money out there in my name.

    • leroy davis says

      leroy how do i fine if any of this lost money is for me . ive lived in \ohio fla mo where do i start to look

  5. Susan says

    I also question the fact that they want money to look for lost money you may have coming. I don’t think I do, but my sister was left a trust fund in a bank in Webster Mass., which she was to receive when she turned 21. I have called the bank and they said they never heard of her and don’t have any records. My sister pasted away on August 16, 1975 at the age of 19. I am the only family suriver. Where do I go for help on this that won’t cost me?

  6. david gibson says

    i want to know how i can search for free, because i might not have anything so i don’t want to pay for it.

  7. Diane Burkard says

    I left A email on the other sight I am not for sure which one can help. I am trying to find a saving account that was set up for my son when he was very young by his grandmother She put money in it every pay day, then she died suddenly. The account was set up that he would get it when he turned 18. When he did I tryed to find it, I have tryed for a long time the last person I talked to said it whent to the state(az) and was used,so we could not get it because it was not there.It would mean a lot to him to find it he could really use it. His father (we had separated) past away he had no money,so was hard to do anything, he was creamated and is now in my sons closet till we can come up with the money, to have him burried with his father, that was on thing we wanted and my son would love to do this for him even if he wasn’t really there for my son, He has never meet his halfsister, but they have talked a lot on phone etc. We couldn’t even get her out hear for her fathers, death . I know it would mean a lot to both of them if the money, could be found,I know there grandmother would have wanted that. I know it would not be much, but for both of them It would mean a lot. There father never did anything for them. If you could please help, so we could know one way or the other instead of allways woundering. We all have changed last names since this had happend so many years ago. You are are last hope. Thank you so much for what you have done for so many people, I hope we can be one of them

  8. says

    i’m in a terrible financhal bind,my Mother just passed away and her 6500 a month annuity has stopped….In such a soft market we are experiencing now I’m unable to get a fair price for 20 prime acres and a marginal home…If there is any unclaimed funds out there for the following: John A.Harrington Jeanne E.Probasco Alexandra Harrington Ruth Caulhon John Harrington Please advise. We have been California residents for generations….

  9. Judith Dupree says

    The FREE site to go to for checking to see if you have any money or property is
    You can check EVERY state at this site for FREE

  10. says

    Being unemployed like many I am finding out now, I am going through fininancial dificulity. I resently had a fininancial company, N C O “, tell me that I had to give them their money now . I told them I was unemployed and they said “we need the money now. Jokingly, I said the only way I could come up with that money was to rob a bank & I said I am not going to jail for 7 years for armed robery. The man on the other end of the phone said “I don”t care what you do just get us our money”.
    I have not answered the phone since but am rather disturbed by such a suggestion. The phone no. is 800-233-1486 if you have any questions.
    I am going to do things honest or not at all! What are the greedy bill collectors going to suggest next.? Sell drugs and engage in prostitution? I hope all financial institutions have not stooped down so low!


    A concerned U. S citizen

  11. Vivion Severns says

    I have been left some German gold bearing bonds.
    germany won’t honor them, but they have been in a bank in this country since the world war. I have searched with no luck. The interest has been accumulating and is somewhere. If someone could find these I would be more than willing to pay a finders fee. If anone is interested I could supply them with more information

  12. connie phyllis white-ferguson says

    I would like to know if there is any money out there that may have been left
    for me that I may not know about, I sure do need it if there is. I watch your show
    Saturday night (April 25, 2009), so I thought I would check with you.

    Thank you for any help you can give,

  13. leroy davis says

    leroy how do i fine if any of this lost money is for me . ive lived in \ohio fla mo where do i start to look. .

  14. Rick says

    I watched your show on finding unclaimed property and i followed up on this and found a 100.00 dollars, the catch is i have to subscribe to a magazine for 1.98 from mcafee secure. I don’t need a years subsciption for a magazine thanks anyway.

  15. says

    I tried to get into the web site to find out if my husband had any money or bonds left by his father. But all I came up with was a site to give them money first. With the times as hard for everyone right now you would think there would be a news
    organation that would make things eazier for people to go to for information. Please help….

  16. says

    how do i go about getting money that is owed to me when the party holding the money says the annuity has been distributed out and is closed, i have not ever been notified of this and would like the money they owe me.

    it is an annuity and vacation fund held by National Employee Benefit Administrators in west palm beach Fla.I have called and spoke with Mr Phil Siino Senior Vice President back in February 2008 and have spoke meny moor times since and i get the run around. this money was put in, in 1982 and 83 amount is $331.30 so at this time it auto to be a good sum. this money was taken out of my check when i worked for plumbers local union 630 in west palm beach Fla in 1982 and 83

  17. Robert H. Kloppenburg says

    I would like to know if anybody left me anything . My family has lived in Missouri back before the 1900’s .My mom was a Meyer , my dad ,s mom remarried two times.

  18. Betty Bradley says

    I found that alot of money may be mine I even used my middle name and it is alot of money and I would like to get help getting it if is mine. I have three kids and we need all the money we can get.

  19. rick vandevelde says

    i was watching your show about unclaimed money and got on the computer and found unclamed money in my dads name i think he and i are both the only sons and with our last name it could be him and he has been gone for over 25 years but im at aloss as how to proceed from here could you give me some advise thank you

  20. Ginger James says

    I have a question. My dad was told 5 years ago or received letters concerning they that there was money waiting for him in Kansas. We have never heard from anyone from that state. But other people with same name have heard but can’t answer the questions necessary to claim the money. How would we go about find out about this ? Thank you for your time

  21. Lavonne Howton says

    Let me know if I am a person who has some Money coming ? tHIS SHOW WAS WONDERFUL, LET ME KNOW THANKS LAVONNE

  22. says

    you said this was free on tv show, well how disapointing you are. just like everyone else trying to make a dollar. I bet you all on tv got nice raises to lie to poublic lie the the rest of the lies now in the news. you shouldn”t have to pay if it is on the up and up.

  23. says

    I was an employee of Southern Airways in Atlanta, later it was Republic and
    now Northwest. In the 60″s and 70″s, I purchased approximately 250 shares
    of company stock via a company deduction plan. After the mergers, buy outs, etc.
    I never received any information as to what happened to the stock and if I
    would receive any stock or money in the new setup. I have had several addresses since I left Southern in 1973 or 1974 and am just curious as to what happened to my stock and if I should pursue the matter.
    Where would I go to find out?

  24. laurie russell barrett says

    i have old stocks in hand from the 1920 and 1930 i just wante to know if they will be of any value to me . please let me know thanks laurie


    I would like to learn what happened to insurance moneylrft to jill lancaster in was insurance money left by Greg hackmann.if you coulkd help me out .thank=you .his date of death was JAN 39.1996

    • jill [ridenhour]lancaster says

      I was left insurance money by greg hackmannn .he passedaway on jan 30 1996. my name might have been forged by a girl named angel who works at algolia prison in jeffferson city . i think some of the 20.,000 was from city bank .any help i can get would be appreciated.
      jilll ridenhour lancaster 1501-884-6804

  26. JOHN DOE says

    I am employed at Taylor Farms in Smyrna TN. and the working conditions are very bad , unsanitary ,and is known for hiring illegals also long hours with no breaks. Please help us. THANK YOU HARD WORKING AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  27. Raynold Paranoor Ittoop says

    Michel Jackson may be a powerful pop entertainer and a rich man but what did he do to please God the Almighty. Death comes as an uninvited Guest to anyone on earth,we should be prepared to leave this earth at any moment. Had Jackson abused his life…we have to think twice about it. Now is our turn to think and act. Our God is a living God and no one prays after death, When we have time let us do it.

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